Publication Ethics

Iranian Journal of Forest , commits to abide by professional ethic and scientific values. To this aim, the following points are compulsory as ethical principles for the members of the editorial board, authors and reviewers:

1-      Ethical principles of the editorial board members:

  1. Objectivity in evaluating the submitted manuscripts solely based on their scientific quality and irrespective of their authors and/or their organizational affiliations. 
  2. Commitment of the editor in chief and the associate editors to the shortest possible time span for evaluation and decision of all submitted manuscripts.
  3. Communications between the editor in chief and the associated editors for definition of appropriate and scientifically relevant reviewers for each incoming manuscript.
  4. Thorough evaluation of the editorial board on the innovative aspects of the submitted manuscripts and their compliance with the scopes of the IJF.
  5. Commitment of the editorial board to maintain the objectivity by not disclosing the information within the manuscripts prior to their publication.
  6. Making any changes, including those applied to the text and/or to the order of author names, subject to the written confirmations from all co-authors.
  7. Issuing the certificate of acceptance and publishing the accepted papers following the full completion of all peer-reviewing steps and by considering the date of final acceptance.


2-      Ethical principles of the reviewers:

  1. Avoiding to peer-review a manuscript in case of technical irrelevance to the field of reviewer.  
  2. Completion of peer-review and communication of the results to the editorial board within the shortest possible time span.
  3. Objective and thorough evaluation of the manuscripts.
  4. Commitment to the professional secrecy concerning the information and content of the manuscript.
  5. Abiding by the deadline defined by the journal editorial and submission of the clear and scientifically-sound comments,
  6. Compliance with the general ethical principles in commenting and evaluating the manuscripts by e.g. the use of adequate terms and expressions.


3-      Ethical principles of the authors:

  1. Ensuring the originality and correctness of scientific contents within the manuscript (e.g. by avoiding data manipulation and including uncited or copyright-protected material).
  2. Avoiding a simultaneous submission of the manuscript to multiple journals.
  3. Certifying the written agreement of all co-authors by initial manuscript submission.
  4. Correct citations to all the included literature in the manuscript.
  5. If applicable, including acknowledgments to all relevant individuals and organizations, including the funding resources of the research.
  6. Keeping the order of the author names based on their level of involvement in the completion of the research and writing.
  7. Compliance with the general ethical principles in responding to the reviewer(s) and editor comments by e.g. the use of adequate terms and expressions.

By not abiding by the above-mentioned points, the editorial board keeps the right to decide accordingly.