Assessment of biomass estimation methods for conifers and broadleaves trees: Biomass Expansion Factors and Root-Shoot Ratio

Document Type : Research Paper


Above ground and below ground biomass are important components of terrestrial ecosystem carbon stocks. Today, estimation of these components got crucial importance. For estimating aboveground and belowground woody plant biomass, Biomass Expansion Factors (BEF) and Root-Shoot Ratio (R) are the most applicable ratios. In this research, these we assessed these ratios for estimation of above and belowground biomass of four tree species in Mobarake Steel Complex plantations. These four species comprise of two conifer and two broadleaves (Eldar Pine, Arizona Cypress, Mulberry, Black Locust). For the aims of this study, 15 trees of each species were cut down and fresh biomass were measured in the field. Subsamples of fallen trees were taken and dry mass were measured at laboratory. Then, BEF and R were calculated. Using paired t test, actual and estimated above and belowground biomass were compared and result showed no significant difference. So, using these ratios is reliable for converting measured standing tree variables to biomass. Also, root-to-shoot ratio for Eldar Pine, Arizona Cypress, Mulberry, Black Locust was 1: 4.5, 1: 6.7, 1: 3.7 and 1: 3.5, respectively.


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